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Based on 2 years of community input, Sechelt Sustainable Community is proposing to build a diversified community offering a wide range of facilities including attainable rental housing, an international school, housing for seniors, a resort hotel, along with local agriculture and lots of park land!

Join us and contribute to the vision for our 420 acre property on Sechelt Inlet and see how you can benefit from our sustainable community! 

Curious? Take a guided tour.

Tours will be leaving the beachfront at 1, 2, and 3 pm to see the amazing views uphill. 

Enjoy a day on the Waterfront.

Take a walk around the waterfront and learn about our vision or simply relax on the beach.

Free hot dogs! Prizes!

Check out our Urban Farm.

We’ve created an amazing demonstration Urban Farm.  Check out how local agriculture can co-exist within a sustainable community. 

When and where?

Saturday, July 30th from 12 pm to 4 pm

6583 Sechelt Inlet Rd, East Porpoise Bay. (Just north of Porpoise Bay Provincial Park)