Our project has been designed based on extensive community engagement. we are happy to learn more from you and answer any questions! If you have a question that isn't addressed here, let us know using the form at the bottom of the page. 

SSC stands for Sechelt Sustainable Communities, we aspire to be the most sustainable community in North America by including a variety of housing, jobs and other amenities for Sechelt and the Sunshine Coast. SSC Properties was formed by local Sunshine Coasters, John Henderson and Clark Hamilton, to purchase the 420 acre old gravel pit mine site north of Porpoise Bay Provincial Park.

We have a growing list of community support and sponsorships. This includes works by local artist Gordon Halloran, downhill mountain biker Magnus Manson’s World Cup Tour and the Sechelt Paddling and Electric Vehicle festivals. We have also provided financial support to the Sechelt Arts Festival, the Innovation Camp for teenagers and numerous other local events.

We look forward to being an active supporter of an even wider variety of community activities including local agriculture, learn­ing opportunities, renewable energy projects, and we strive to be a part of the solution for affordable housing on the Sunshine Coast.

Current zoning for our property permits 1,600 single family and apartment units, a golf course, and a small hotel. We have been working for over a year with the District of Sechelt staff to produce a plan that is better aligned with the needs of the Sunshine Coast. Based on almost two years of input from the community, we are proposing a more diversified range of housing (see below) as well as upwards of 100 acres of agricultural and park lands. Our Plan contemplates building out the property over the next 20 years.

We will start building the areas adjacent to Sechelt Inlet Road- part of the waterfront area, the much needed attainable and rental housing area, and the significant job creation areas like the Sunshine Coast Academy, hotel, and Age-in-Place community.


The SSC development plan consists of ideas brought to us by the local community, ideas that will meet the needs of a wide range of Sunshine Coasters, not just those who live on site. Our project will create a variety of amenities such as sports fields and courts, a paddling centre, an eco-adventure park (with zip-lines!), a technology hub, dog parks, freshly grown produce, learning facilities for all ages and jobs for over 1,000 people.

Economic viability is one of the three pillars of sustainability. Over the expected 10 to 20 year roll out, the development will create opportunities for residents and tourists alike. Close to 1,000 new jobs are expected to be created in construction, retail, ser­vices, seniors-care, education, agriculture, and tourism, with addi­tional spin-offs to existing businesses. In addition, if our plan is approved by the District of Sechelt, we estimate the entire development could provide an additional $5 million in tax revenues per year to help fund municipal and other government services.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we expect to deliver a project that has the low­est use of potable water of any community on the Coast! This will result in us drawing significantly less water per person from SCRD sources than any other development on the Coast. Our comprehensive and innovative water management strategy includes the use of water saving fixtures, rainwater harvesting, on-site aquifers, surface water sources and existing reser­voirs. All neighbourhoods will be designed to use non-potable water for irrigation and other appropriate uses.

Absolutely not. The existing “Silverback” zoning permits the con­struction of a golf course, 1,600 homes, a hotel and some com­mercial space. The property was purchased by SSC Properties Ltd. in 2014 to ensure that a better design, more in keeping with the needs of the community, is built. However, to be absolutely certain that the Silverback model is not built, the proposed zoning (as outlined on our website) needs to be approved by the District of Sechelt as soon as possible.

SSC stands for Sechelt Sustainable Communities – a vision we are committed to delivering. Nestled between the Porpoise Bay Pro­vincial Park and the Sechelt Heritage Forest, some sections of our property have significant ecological value. This includes the for­ested sections around Angus Creek and the riparian areas adjacent to both Shannon Creek and Walters Dry Gulch. All of these will be protected and enhanced within six major park dedications. In total, the areas that we pro­pose to reserve for parks, green spaces, farming and community gardens equal more than half of the entire site! The areas on the site that will be developed are primarily those that have been heavily impacted by repeated logging and gravel extraction over the past 125 years.

To be sustainable, a neighbourhood needs to carefully balance competing environmental, social and economic responsibilities. This includes aspects like the preservation of open spaces, walk­ability, diversity, social programs, mixed-use areas and efficient resource use. An assessment by an inde­pendent team of experts rated our plan as being one of the most sustainable communities in North America!

Not at all! Over the next many years, the developments on our property will add a significant number of new customers for downtown busi­nesses. In fact, many businesses have already supplied goods and services to the project. On-site retail and commercial services will be planned to be complementary to businesses already serving the community. We are pleased to note that the Sechelt Down­town Business Association has recently confirmed that they wel­come our development and see it as a positive impact for their members.

Yes, part of the extensive network of parks and open spaces that we have proposed includes a 4-acre Waterfront/Waterfall Park. The foreshore will be transformed into beautiful parkland, always open to the public and will continue to be a great place for community events and festivals.

As people age and the services they require change, they often need to move to an unfamiliar community adding, even more, stress. The Aging-in-Place housing on our property will in­clude independent living cottages, assisted living housing, a resi­dential care centre, and hospice facilities. This will enable residents to continue enjoying their chosen community, even as their needs change.

Students from all over the world will attend the Sunshine Coast Academy (SCA) - Canadians included. The purpose of the school is to bring together a culturally diverse student population and have them work on real world problems while attaining the BC Ministry of Education requirements for graduation. We will graduate the world’s future leaders and change-makers, who will be well equipped to thrive in our rapidly changing world.

Absolutely not. The Sunshine Coast Academy (SCA) plans on hosting students from as many countries as possible and from all walks of life. In fact, a large percentage of students attending similar schools in Canada benefit from scholarships and other types of financial assistance. At SCA, national and international scholarships will be available for students to ensure that we have a diverse and dynamic student body.

At the Sunshine Coast Academy (SCA), we have internationally recognized education leaders involved in every step of the school development from the design of the facility, pedagogy, and curriculum to local and global community integration. Simply put, SCA will be an industry leading institution that helps shape the future of education in British Columbia.

SCA is being designed as a grade 7 through 12 school. Over the first four years of operation, the number of students will increase gradually from 200 to 600.

The Sunshine Coast Academy will offer state-of-the-art technology designed to easily incorporate future developments and improvements. Knowing how to use the latest technologies to solve complicated problems is an important key to success. To answer what specific technologies will be provided is difficult because of the rapid pace of change (who could imagine the changes in tech offerings even five years ago!)

The Sunshine Coast has an incredible arts community, which the Sunshine Coast Academy will fully embrace. We want our students to be able to pursue their passions, and will have the programming and facilities for them to do that. Whether it’s dance, theatre, music, painting, photography or filmmaking, SCA will have professionals running programs and teaching at the school. The overall community will have numerous performance and presentation spaces to exhibit student work and the best the Sunshine Coast has to offer.

You’re right - the area is large, more than 40 acres in fact. Ample green space is an important part of the school design. Also there is space for the school, sports fields, facilities, and student housing. As well, we are proposing zoning that will allow for another smaller education institution in the future. This could be a sustainable agriculture school, a technology institute or some other learning institution (let us know if you have any suggestions!) As well, we plan to have learning and educational opportunities woven throughout the entire community well beyond the boundaries of the school zone.

It is our mission to help people understand how they learn best and develop their passion for learning - to see education as an important aspect and practice of everyday life rather than something that is reserved for educational institutions.

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