Sunshine Coast Academy

The Future of International Education in British Columbia. Opening in September 2020.


The Sunshine Coast Academy will bring together a globally diverse student population and prepare them to thrive in our rapidly changing world through the development of the mind, body, and character.


We will be a school that produces strong, confident and resilient global citizens who lead their lives with honesty, integrity and purpose.


We will be an industry leading, private international boarding school for grades 7-12 students from all over the world. Our curriculum is deeply rooted in project based and inquiry based learning which will afford our students the opportunity to put their minds to work solving real-world problems while meeting the BC Ministry of Education requirements for graduation. Our school facility itself is being designed as a model for 21st century learning and the unique construction will not only enhance the learning environment, but will aid in our students’ acquisition of knowledge.


The Sunshine Coast Academy will employ teachers that are leaders in the field of education and experts in their chosen subject areas. Our rigorous academic programming, small class sizes and student support network will ensure that every student has the best opportunity to achieve academic success and admittance to the university of their choice. Students will be able to choose from British Columbia Ministry of Education approved International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement curriculum options and select from a wide range of music, technology, arts, athletics and experiential programming.


The beautiful SCA campus will be located on prime real estate overlooking the stunning Sechelt Inlet. The huge campus area will include sports facilities, a world class arts studio and specially designed classrooms to optimize learning. At SCA, students will be encouraged to explore and pursue their passions and the large campus area has plenty of space for future school expansion.

Student Accommodations

Our condo style student housing will be uniquely designed to enrich the learning experience of our students. Each modern and spacious bedroom will have its own private en suite bathroom and there will be ample room for a bed, study area, small entertainment space, and storage. The building itself will be a sustainable, green building with on-site recreation facilities and a practical combination of community and private spaces.

Off Campus Synergies

The Sunshine Coast Academy is the anchor for a 420 acre, sustainable, multi-generational community development that is founded on the principle of lifelong learning. As a result, all of the development components on the property will be designed with community engagement and education in mind. Our students will have the opportunity to move beyond the school walls and engage in local, community and global initiatives – working alongside members of the retirement, business, and tourism based communities that are all planned as part of the development.
Some other aspects of the property development that our students will integrate with are:

  1. The Waterfront Paddling Centre designed for community paddling, rowing and sailing clubs.
  2. Artisan and tech start-up communities where students can engage with professionals in their respective fields.
  3. Agriculture area will allow students to learn about sustainable food production and natural sciences.
  4. Adventure Centre for students to challenge themselves in rock climbing and zip lining; take ecology lessons and work on leadership development.
  5. A conference centre that can be utilized for guest lectures, conferences, seminars and performances.
  6. Parents and family can stay at the world class hotel and spa while they are visiting their children.

Join Us

We are looking for forward thinking people to join us on this exciting journey of creating an incredible 21st century international school for grades 7 to 12 students. We are committed to getting the best minds involved in the establishment of the Sunshine Coast Academy.  If you are a teacher who is inspired to help shape the future of education, a parent that wants their child to have the best educational opportunities, or someone that wants to play a role in the creation of this remarkable future school, please don’t hesitate to contact us.