On December 8th Sechelt residents came to the Shishálh Band Hall to hear about the available solutions for providing immediate, cost-efficient housing solutions for the Sunshine Coast.  The event included formal presentations from local experts followed by an open question and answer session with the expert panel.  With a focus on innovative solutions that can be implemented in the short-term, a positive, "can-do" context was established.

Matt Thomson from the Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society presented a definition of the housing spectrum and highlighted what the Sunshine Coast already provides, as well as a summary of the current and increasing need:  Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Presentation

Laurie Vance from Habitat For Humanity Sunshine Coast provided an overview of the Habitat For Humanity program as well as asummary of this group's achievements, plans and aspirations:  Habitat For Humanity Sunshine Coast Presentation

Gary Kent, co-founder of Roberts Creek Co-Housing provided a background of the growing co-housing movement as a way to leverage the benefits of the sharing economy relating to housing:  Roberts Creek Co-Housing Presentation

Our own General Manager, Werner Hofstätter presented the results of the recent Sechelt Sustainable Community RFEOI for Cost-Efficient Housing.  Focusing on commercially viable but lower than usual cost, innovative solutions, the respondents demonstrated how the design and building sector is contributing to solutions that are available now:  Sechelt Sustainable Community Presentation

The panel of speakers then opened the floor to questions from residents, resulting in a highly beneficial exchange of view and the identification of even more potential solutions for this important challenge.