To The Future of Sustainable Development






To The Future of Sustainable Development




Ocean Walk Quay

The Quay concept is founded on the principle of a publicly accessible waterfront that will be a natural draw and destination for the local community and for those visiting the Sunshine Coast.

A strong, mixed-use core, linked to the waterfront boardwalk by a public plaza, will set the tone and character for the entire long-term build-out of this area.  The Development will create a feeling of “local”, organic growth.

The Quay will include a boutique-style resort hotel, with spa, restaurant, galleries, and meeting rooms and public areas.  A paddling centre and commercial space will provide a sense of vibrancy.  The goal is to have small, owner-operated, locally based businesses to create and foster a sense of uniqueness and creativity enhancing and reinforcing the character of a seaside community.

Small-Footprint Attainable Housing

Built around shared community gardens and child play spaces, our attainable housing area will provide an opportunity for those seeking environmental and cost efficient living

Smaller dwellings or duplexes, clustered around shared amenities will provide spaces for rich social integrationShared garden spaceschildren’s play areas and a safe pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood and a low-profile road network is envisaged. 

The aim is to provide innovative, low operating cost dwellings, attractive to young families and those seeking a smaller environmental footprint

Click here to learn more about our Attainable Housing Plan.

Age-In-Place Senior Community

Towards the back of the Quay, the development anticipates a comprehensive multi-level residential community designed to facilitate “aging-in-place”. 

It will include a complete range of options from stand-alone cottages to independent/supported living facilities, to multi-unit assisted living accommodation, to complex residential and palliative care. This will allow residents to remain in their neighbourhood as their needs and family situations change. Creating both a community and a sense of "home". 

Seniors will benefit from community gardens, easy access to the waterfront as well as interacting with Sunshine Coast Academy students to engage in global initiatives


The Sunshine Coast Academy

The Sunshine Coast Academy (SCA) will be a high school that pushes education and learning into the 21st century. A school that will be globally connected bringing together a diverse local and international student population. 

Our students will become our planet's leaders and change-makers - lifelong learners skilled in the world of academia; comfortable with intercultural communication; adept in utilizing the best technology for achieving desired results; unafraid to follow their passions and dreams; true artists in whatever path they choose; and active participants in creating a sustainable future.


Local Agriculture

The Agricultural Area will form a significant part of the Development. How and where food is produced has a significant impact on sustainability. 

The average meal can travel up to 1,200 km from the farm to plate; perhaps even more for a community like Sechelt. Similar to other areas of the Development, the Agricultural Area will demonstrate the best practices of local, organic food production, reducing emissions from transportation, lessening the importation of “high value-added water”, creating local jobs in agriculture and improving options for local diet and beverage enthusiasts.


Artisan Place

Artisan Place is a neighbourhood of larger, mixed size rural residential, live/work lots.  With a distinctly rural feeling this neighbourhood will attract creative families with new and existing business ideas.  Artisan Place will be a neighbourhood where all residents will appreciate the expectation and understanding that, like them, their neighbours will be creating home-based products for sale in the local market and globally.

Eco-Education and Adventure Centre(s)

The Angus Creek ravine and surrounding area on the south-east corner of the site and the land adjacent to the Heritage Forest to the north will be set aside for potential Eco-Education and Adventure Centres.

These areas will combine the best features of facilities like the North Shore Credit Union Outdoor Learning Centre, the Capilano Suspension Bridge and UBC’s Greenheart Canopy Walkway. By providing visitors with a deeper appreciation of nature while enjoying the excitement of the outdoors, these facilities will add yet another inspirational recreation attraction to Sechelt. It will combine ecological and experiential education to create a truly unique adventure experience such as observation platforms during seasonal salmon returns.


Our Vision

Our Vision

SSC (Sechelt Sustainable Community) Properties LTD. is a Sechelt-based company formed for the sole purpose of constructing one of the world’s most liveable eco-communities.

The Sechelt Sustainable Community will embrace the best the world has to offer in Sustainabilty, Community, Education, Green Design, Technology, Age-In-Place Senior Care, Arts, Affordable Housing, Agriculture, and Healthy Living. 

Located 5 kilometers from downtown Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, the oceanside 420-acre brownfield site will be transformed into a vibrant, integrated, multi-generational community that will serve as a model for sustainable development moving forward. The integration of solar energy production, efficient use, reclamation and re-use of water, electric transportation, and walkability, among other things, will help make SSC a world class Sustainable Community. 

Our plan has been designed around the following principles: 

Contribute to a Complete Community

Complement existing uses in Sechelt to create a more complete, successful, attractive community.

Work with Nature

Celebrate and maintain access to the water as a valuable shared asset. Protect key natural features such as rare ecosystems, riparian areas and water-courses; enhance degraded areas. Create a community that compliments the beauty and function of natural features and systems.

Smart Patterns of Land Use

Cluster appropriate uses and density in the right locations to create compact, walkable nodes efficiently served by transit and meet residents’ daily needs.

Green Buildings & Infrastructure

Be a leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy production. It should incorporate efficient, high performance buildings including Shared services such as community heating and water conservation.

A Vibrant Public Realm

Provide a comfortable, safe pedestrian realm, planned and accidental meeting spaces, seating, gathering places, greenways, with linked parks and open spaces.

Housing and Social diversity

Incorporate diverse range of housing types to meet the needs of a variety of ages, abilities and income levels. It should be open and friendly to everyone and welcome residents and visitors of all races, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, religions, ages and lifestyles.


Be feasible, finance-able and realistic in scale and ambition for Sechelt. 

Productive Community

Include “meaningful employment” opportunities, local food production, artisanal activities and local entrepreneurship.

Arts & Culture

Integrate art into pedestrian spaces, feature expressive building design for local businesses, and provide spaces for performances, community murals, festivals and community art.

Health and Lifestyle

Include diverse opportunities for recreation, outdoor venues, life-long learning, fitness and interaction with animals. It should be a place of health and healing to advance our understanding and practice of holistic healthy living.



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